LauzHack Days

Join us for short workshops focused on specific hacks!

Previous LauzHack Days

Hacking With Amazon Alexa

Friday October 19, 17:00

Learn to create your first skill for Amazon Alexa, the voice service that powers Amazon Echo. Slides.

Fun Fourier Transform - Whistle Unlocker

Tuesday November 13, 18:00

Learn how to use the Fourier Transform in order to perform melody detection, which is used to create a “whistle unlocker”. Workshop material.

Build a Private-by-Design Voice Assistant

Wednesday November 21, 18:00

Discover Snips’ tools as we build a voice assistant that runs completely on device, that is without connecting to the cloud. Workshop material.

Intro to Docker

Wednesday December 5, 18:00

Have you ever heard of “cloud computing”? Let’s learn about Docker and use it for building and deploying our own cloud application.

Crash Course on Reinforcement Learning

Friday December 14, 18:00

Mohanty from crowdAI shares his extensive experience in reinforcement learning with hands-on examples.